Anche io ho una Golf …

Per? so dove l’ho messa 😛


1) Offlaga Disco Pax – Bachelite

2) Jens Lekman – Night falls over Kortedala

3) (Qualcosa di non ben definito) – Explosions in the Sky

4) Burial – Untrue (ma quando cazzo arriva quest’estate … il caldo … le discoteche sulla spiaggia … i drink in compagnia … le vacanze … un p? di riposo)

Powder to the words – A Toys Orchestra – Technicolor Dreams
I’ve learned to memorize better
The days we say “it does’nt matter”
But now the powder hides the final of the words
We spend too much time hoping
To find again the will to hope
But now the powder hides the final of the words
Will roses blossom through the cinder
The teachers will be pupils again
If just the weather takes the powder off the words
…and all the secrets i have always blessed
I swear i try to pledge myself to not forget
But now the powder hides the final of the words
…the powder hides the final of words
…what does it matter…
Cause all in all it’s just a pile of words!
You move the water
Like a floater
As a fish that swims around
Under the weather
Find the shelter
Like a bunny into the hat
…i’m a ship that runs aground! …
Wait for the purifier rain
I’m on the snail’s trail…
The weight?
The blame?
Have you heard?
…never heard?


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