God bless You, sister …

E’ strana a volte la vita. Ah .. gi? ecco CIAO! ? un p? che non scrivo ? vero … ma sono stato un p? sommerso , come dire… nella merda fino al collo come al solito, e ho finito anche le cannucce ma vabb? … ? finita anche questa settimana.

Dicevamo … ? strana a volte la vita … e ti colpisce , lo fa davvero se sei abbastanza attento. Ed io, strano a dirsi mi sento attento, mi sento sveglio anche se stanotte ? tardi e non penso di poter scrivere tutto quello che volevo.

Volevo solo scrivere che ci sono ancora e non smetter? di scrivere, anche se ci avevo pensato in questi giorni. Ma l’ansia ? tornata ed ? una spinta positiva … come le note che escono dalle AKG
Heavy rotation :

1) LCD Soundsystem – Sound of silver

2) Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

3) !!! – Myth Takes

4) Verdena – Solo un grande sasso

5) Perturbazione – PIanissimo Fortissimo

6) Nouvelle Vague – Band apart

Questa canzone … significa tutto ..per me !

Truce – The Dresden Dolls

You can have Washington I’ll take New Jersey
You can have London but I want New York city

I should get Providence I’ve got a job now
Los Angeles – obvious – that’s where you belong now

You can have Africa, Asia, Australia
As long as you keep your hands off cafe pamplona

We can split germany right down the middle
You’d hate it there anyway
Take berlin and we’ll call it even

You can have all of the carry-on baggage
I’ll trade the saskia jokes for the alphabet language

on special occasions we’ll split between parents
who forced us to hate them on alternating weekends

you call it over and i call you psycho
significant other? just say we were lovers!
And we’ll call it even, we’ll call it even.

I am the ground zero ex-friend you ordered
Disgused as a hero to get past your borders
I know when I’m wanted I’ll leave if you ask me to
Mind my own business and speak when I’m spoken to

I am the tower around which you orbited
I am not proud, I am just taking orders
I fall to the ground within hours of impact
I hit back when hit and attack when attacked!

You get route 2 between concord and lexington
I want mass ave from the square to my apartment

And if we should meet through some misunderstanding
I’ll be very sweet very patient and forgiving
(now get off my side of the state)

And if we should see one another in passing
Aespite these techniques there is sometimes no avoiding
(there must be some kind of mistake)

We’ll raise high our white flags and bow heads and shake hands
Declaring the land we’re on unamerican
We’ll call it even

I am the tower around which you orbited
I am not proud i am just taking orders
I fall to the groud within hours of impact
I hit back when hit
and attack when attacked

I am an accident waiting to happen
I’m laughing like mad as you strangle the captain
My place may be taken, but make no mistake
From a little black box I can say without shame
That you’ve lost
Do you know what you’ve lost?

So take whatever you’d like
I’ll strike like the States on fire
You won’t sleep very tight
No hiding
No safe covers
Make your bed and now lie
Just like you always do
You can fake it for the papers but I’m on to you….


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